March 2017

Holistic Medicine Doctors in Las Vegas, NV

What is Holistic Medicine?

Medical care in Nevada is extremely complex and with increasing specialization among physicians has a tendency to become fragmented. Las Vegas patients may see one doctor for their heart and lungs, another for musculoskeletal problems and a third for diabetes. Holistic medicine is an emerging discipline that attempts to address the whole person, including body, mind and spirit. If you’re interested in learning more about holistic medicine in Las Vegas, then continue reading the article below.

Holistic vs. Conventional Medicine

Conventional or allopathic medicine is disease-focused. Practitioners are trained to identify symptoms and to select a particular medication or treatment to control or manage the symptoms. In many if not most cases the treatment does not cure the condition. Holistic medicine includes treating disease but has a much stronger focus on preventing it in the first place and on promoting optimum health. Rather than managing symptoms, the goal of holistic medicine is to identify the underlying causes of a disease or problem and resolve those issues.

Holistic Medicine Practitioners

Holistic medicine is not yet considered a specialty in the traditional sense of the word, although certification is available from the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine. Any physician might practice holistic medicine. This type of medical care is more similar to primary care, which is more likely than most specialties to have a focus on whole body care and wellness. Medical specialists who practice primary care are usually trained in internal medicine, family practice or pediatrics.

Diagnosis in Holistic Medicine

The first step in holistic care is a complete assessment of the patient, which may include conventional laboratory or diagnostic testing. The physician analyzes all emotional, environmental, lifestyle, nutritional, physical and spiritual elements that may be affecting the patient. The goal is to evaluate not just what kind of disease is present but what kind of person the patient is. The patient is an active participant in holistic care, as treatment relies heavily on self-care and the innate healing capabilities of the human body.

Treatments in Holistic Medicine

Holistic physicians use any kind of treatment that is safe and effective. This might include conventional medications like antibiotics, conventional surgery and less common treatments such as herbs and supplements. Holistic care usually involves what are called complementary or alternative therapies such as acupuncture, massage, osteopathic manipulation, mind-body medicine and homeopathy. Diet and exercise are important components of holistic medicine, as are patient education and self-care. Since illness is seen as a dysfunction of the entire body, treatments also focus on the whole body, not just symptoms.

Physician-Patient Relationship

Perhaps more so than in any other kind of medicine, holistic medicine is dependent on the relationship between the doctor and patient. Patient autonomy is encouraged and the patient truly becomes a partner in his or her care. Holistic physicians believe that the ideal physician-patient relationship includes consideration of the patient’s awareness, desires, insight and needs as well as those of the physician. Holistic physicians believe their example significantly influences their patients and strive to practice what they preach.

The Emotional Component

Unlike conventional medicine, which is designed to focus on the physical, holistic medicine pays very close attention to the emotional aspects of illness and chronic disease. For example, the obese patient doesn’t just need a diet, as obesity often has a strong emotional component. Holistic physicians encourage their patients to embrace positive emotions like love and hope, and to let go of fear, anger, grief and shame. The physician strives to practice unconditional love for patients, other practitioners and themselves, believing this is one important aspect of the healing process.


Holistic medicine is different. For many patients, it is effective, although it takes time and many small changes – it’s not a matter of popping a pill. However, its practitioners believe it is the best way to achieve optimum health.

Recommended Holistic Doctor in Las Vegas, Nevada: Dr. Armen Nikogosian of Southwest Functional Medicine & the Autism Biomed Center. His contact information is below:

Southwest Functional Medicine
The Southwest Functional Medicine office provides a combination of functional and alternative medicine to patients in Las Vegas. Patients will benefit from the doctor’s experience in conventional, holistic, integrative, and naturopathic medicine.
Address: 2225 Village Walk Dr. #270, Henderson, NV 89052
Office Phone: (702) 616-4001

Autism Biomed Center in Las Vegas
The Autism Biomed Center helps Las Vegas & Henderson, Nevada patients struggling with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). If you or your child is suffering from autism or ADHD, then please contact their office right away.
Address: 2225 Village Walk Dr. #270, Henderson, NV 89052
Office Phone: (702) 616-4001